Monthly Payroll

Monthly Payroll Services

Sorting your payroll in-house can be time-consuming, costly and tedious.

We take the hassle away from you from only £25+ VAT per month, so you can focus on running your business.

Why outsource your payroll?

‘Payroll’ describes the procedures surrounding payments made by a company to their employees including salaries, wages, bonuses, commission and statutory payments.

You could be wasting hours on calculating your payroll, spending money on payroll software, printing and distributing endless payslips. It’s unlikely, as a business owner, that you have the time on your hands to do this. Small businesses spend roughly six hours per month sorting their own payroll, this is time you can’t afford to waste.

Avoid costly and stressful payroll mistakes by letting the experts take care of it. We can do this using our award-winning monthly service, or one of our one-off annual packages.

How we take the stress away

Our online payroll services are really this simple.

  1. Send us all the necessary documents online or in an envelope
  2. We calculate your payroll
  3. We email your staff’s payslips
  4. Let you know what to pay your staff
  5. Let you know what to pay HMRC
  6. We’ll also deal with all the RTI submissions to HMRC for you

No matter the size of your business, we’re happy to help you out. So send it all our way!

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